TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is an standardize assessment and exchange mechanism for the information security of enterprises and allows acceptations of assessment results among all participants. Due to this standardization, the use of TISAX reduces efforts, if you want to process sensitive information from customers or evaluate the information security of suppliers.

How to comply TISAX?

Answer: With our CES Consulting service. In a 6 step process, our consultants help you to comply TISAX

1. Definition of the assessment scope based on your individual needs.

2. Registration of your company on the TISAX platform.

3. Check of TISAX compliance, gap analysis and action plan.

4. Selection of an Audit provider.

5. Check of TISAX compliance via document and on-site checks and interviews.

6. Exchange of Audit results with selected Suppliers and Customers

Expert know-how

Our Consultants are certified experts, which gain their experiences from inside of the huge Continental Automotive world. They successfully support Continentals TISAX compliance roll-out.

Optimally prepared projects

All our projects follows the proven CES project life cycle process, which we have used for over 10.000 projects.

Expert vulnerability- and risk analysis

We at CES believe in a collaborative working approach. We work side by side with our clients to achieve impactful & sustainable results.

Cost and time savings

Our Consultants are future-oriented pragmatists, who use existing know-how and information to create cost and time saving output.

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