Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensor for Automated Driving and Parking

This is a sensor dedicated to be used in low-speed maneuvering situations and it measures the time of flight to an object using the echo-localization principle.

The sensor sends an ultrasound echo (wave) and receives a signal (wave reflection by an object) after a certain period. The time of flight is converted to a measured distance. The ultrasonic signal processing software, designed by Continental, located in the ECU, interprets these measurements and determines the appropriate actions to take, from warning the driver of nearby objects up to automated parking. 

The Continental ultrasonic sensor performs Parking Slot Detection and Parking Distance Control using a parallel firing concept which provides ultra near range detection and resolution. It is also ASIL B validated in order to enable safety functions.

Benefits of the Continental Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Compliance with AK2 ME requirements (radial/axial)
  • Powerful signal processing ARM Cortex-M0 & DSP
  • Self diagnostics:
    • Blindness recognition
    • Dirt/Ice detection
  • Signal filtering
  • High noise immunity
  • ASIL-B according ISO 26262
  • Near field detection
  • Paintable

Technical key data

  • Detection ranges <10cm up to 600cm
  • Detection times
    • First time <140ms (avg)
    • Refresh time <35ms (avg)
  • Opening angles
    • 120° x 60°

Supporting functions

  • Driver warning functions
  • Low speed collision avoidance
  • Automated parking
  • Further applications possible

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