Railway Head-Up Display

The Railway Head-Up Display (HUD) minimizes distracting head movements, offers more safety and additional comfort for the driver.

The advantages of using head-up displays in the driver cabin in rail vehicles, are immense. Necessary head movements distract from the traffic. To do this, the eyes constantly focus back and forth between near and far vision when the gaze changes between the cockpit and the road.

The projection of essential information – for example warning signals, speed, distance to the next stop – in the direct field of vision of the train driver makes the journey immensely more comfortable. The information is displayed as if it were some distance in front of the train. The eyes do not have to constantly refocus, this serves to reduce the strain on the driver and ensures safety and attentiveness.


  • High safety: No change of driver’s view direction, head stays “up” and driver’s concentration stays on the road
  • High comfort: Minimal change of focus between road and displayed information
  • Content (symbols and images) can be customized easily
  • Generic Combiner Head-Up display targeted for Railway and other non-automotive applications
  • Platform approach allowing a cost efficient solution and quick time-to-market
  • Ideal also for retrofit application (dashboard mount)


  • High brightness and contrast (> 10.000 cd/m²)
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Large virtual image size
  • Configurable projection distance
  • Integrated high-power graphics controller
  • CAN and Ethernet interface
  • Housing optimized for dashboard mounting
  • Glare trap prevents unwanted reflections

The combiner head-up display projects information onto an external transparent pane in the driver’s field of vision. This allows the technology to be used economically regardless of the manufacturer’s model – in newly developed vehicles as well as as a retrofit solution for existing models.

Train drivers not only have the road and cockpit displays in view at the same time, the information also appears at what appears to be the same distance. Thanks to the extremely powerful LEDs, the head-up display, which has already proven itself as a solution in the automotive sector, meets the highest demands in terms of light and image quality, even in strong sunshine.

Fact Sheet Railway Head-Up Display

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Exemplary screen content

You know best which information is most relevant in which situation. The content shown on the head-up display is freely configurable. Based on your input we design and define symbols, information fields and layouts fitting your application. Animations are also possible.

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