Parking Systems

Scalable solutions for Parking Systems are provided by 4 fisheye cameras with >180° horizontal field of view and Ultrasonic Sensors to detect everything around the vehicle. Fusing the input from the cameras and ultrasonic sensors, it enables semi or automated parking of the vehicle, including trained and remote parking.

The system monitors the area all around the vehicle and recognizes static and dynamic objects to warn the driver or even stop the vehicle in critical situations to avoid collision.

Several commercial options which include Human Vision, Driving, Detection and Trailer Functions are available.

Examples of functions

  • Park Distance Warning
  • Low Speed Collision avoidance
  • Semi / Automated Parking
  • Trained Parking
  • Remote Parking
  • Trailer Reverse & Hitch Assist
  • 3D Surround-View Dynamic Bowl
  • Single & Combined Camera Views
  • Overlays for Parking and Trailer Assist

Additionally, Virtual Testing and Validation services to simulate different mounting positions and reduce design iterations to a minimum are available.

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