Brakes Components

Brake systems are one of the most important safety aspects in vehicles.

Today brake systems fulfil more than “just” the task of bringing a vehicle to a stop. They also can generate energy through recuperation, reduce CO2 emissions through intelligent driving and braking, and protect people’s lives by reducing braking distance even under adverse environmental conditions and in the case of inatentive driving. Here you will find some key components that will make driving a car more pleasant and, above all, safer.

Brake Systems

MK 100® MAB – Anti-lock Brake System

The ABS MK 100® anti-blocking system is a two-channel solution. The system which is especially developed for motorcycles, offers enhanced brake control and thus increased driving safety due to an optimized deceleration.

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The MK C1® EVO is Continental’s next evolutionary step of its brake by wire brake systems. The robust design continues the approach of an innovative simulator brake system MK C1®, in production as since 2016, by keeping the high system performance while reducing the costs and power consumption.

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MK 100® ESC

The MK 100® ESC is designed to combine the comfort requirements of driver assistance functions with the optional available high pressure dynamic requirements of the Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) function.

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Electric Parking Brake

The original mechanically operated parking brake is being replaced more and more by an electric variant, which has clear advantages in terms of comfort, safety and integration into the vehicle system. The elimination of the hand brake lever also gives the interior design greater flexibility. 

Electric Parking Brake EPB-Si (Simplex Integrated)

Instead of manual activation via hand brake lever and floor pull, the electric version generates the clamp force by an actuator that, in the case of EPB-Si, sits directly on the back plate of the drum brake. The driver gives the command to activate the parking brake via a switch in the interior.

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Electric Parking Brake EPB-Ci (Caliper Integrated)

Instead of manual application via a hand brake lever and floor pull, the electric version generates the clamp force by an actuator, which in the case of the EPB-Ci is sitting directly on the disk brake caliper. The driver gives the command to activate the parking brake via a switch in the interior. 

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Service Brake

Brake Actuation

Brake boosters amplify the braking force and make it easier for the driver to apply pedal force in order to achieve a desired braking effect.

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Brake Hose

Continental develops and produces brake hoses since decades. Various types of brake hoses, molded guiding elements and connecting fittings for practically every application are available.

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Fist Type Caliper

Continental offers various fist type disk brakes. In addition to the basic functions as a service brake, special development priorities are low residual braking torque and high NVH robustness.

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Drum Brake

In the drum brake, the brake force is obtained by the radial application of the brake shoes to the inner side of the wheel drum. The force is generated by a hydraulic wheel cylinder. Various drum diameters are available to adjust the wheel brake to the vehicle.

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Electric Vacuum Pump

The electric vacuum pump is used when the vacuum required for the brake booster cannot be provided by the vehicle’s propulsion engine or is not sufficient. This applies in particular to electric, hybrid, diesel and gasoline direct injection vehicles.

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