Body Electronics

Due to a variety of environmental concerns and the increasing demand for comfort, convenience, safety, and protection, the automotive sector is continually generating innovative solutions. A foundational part of these innovations is in the area of ​​body electronics, which perpetually offers new functions due to its growing communication bandwidth.

Body Electronics are an electronic network of systems integrated into the vehicle that performs certain functions. Modern vehicles now contain a large number of subsystems that perform control functions, instrument diagnosis, and safety functions and, e.g., manage the power supply. Components of the vehicle body electronics include sensors and sensor interfaces, activators, and monitoring circuits as well as communication relays. Our tested designs enable optimized use in the interior or under the hood, while our expertise in vehicle networks deliver optimized communication performance.

Component Portfolio

Convertible Roof Control

With our control units, we offer advanced and sophisticated technical solutions for modern high quality vehicles. Our expertise covers both hard- and softtops as well as electric motor and hydraulic system control. In addition to the smart control of convertible roofs, our solutions are capable of integrating a multitude of special functions.

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Climate Control

Our Climate control technologies ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle even under adverse ambient conditions. We can implement a climate system with multiple temperature zones in the vehicle. Moreover for electric-powered vehicles, we have a bespoke climate control in our portfolio.

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Power Liftgate Control

The power liftgate control unit lets you open and close your liftgate automatically with programmable height. In combination with the digital access system and/or a capacitive kick sensor integrated into the bumper, easy hands-free opening and closing can be realized.

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Sunroof Control

Our generic Universal Control Module (UCM) has been designed for sunroof, rollo and sunblind applications with a single motor design.

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Door Control

To efficiently control the increasing number of components and functions installed in the door zone such as switches and sensors, actuators and interior lighting components, many vehicle manufacturers are implementing dedicated Door Control Units (DCUs).

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Body Control Module

The Body Control Unit is responsible for many comfort functions in the vehicle. Our units can take over regular body functions and can be tailored for gateway, door-control and HVAC functions. They provide exterior and interior lighting, vehicle access, terminal control, washer and wiper functionality.

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Seat Comfort Systems

From now on, driver and passengers can enjoy the highest level of comfort and safety functions thanks to our intelligent seat control units.
In addition to the basic functions such as seat heating, air-conditioning or memory seats, specially developed pneumatic seating systems are also available. All functions and systems can be combined in different ways.

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Power Door Control

The Power Door Control is a key element to realizing our fully smart autonomous door system. The trend towards automated driving is pushing the demand for autonomous doors, as driverless vehicles must be able to open and close their doors without operators or door handles.

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Intelligent Glass Control

Intelligent Glass (IGC) is a state-of-the-art solution with multiple applications. It allows flexible transparency and coloration settings for any glazed surface ensuring greater control over privacy and light penetration.

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Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) is an additional element to electrical vehicles that artificially generates a sound which will be generated through loudspeakers or actuators based on vibration of structural elements of the vehicle proportional to vehicles parameters, for example velocity, gas pedal position and gear.

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Digital Access

As the leading supplier of access control systems, we develop innovative functions and technologies for modern vehicles.

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The rising amount of functions available in today’s vehicles is leading to both a more complex electronic architecture and to an increasing number of involved electronic control units (ECUs).

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