Test Consulting Services

Testing plays an important role in any project when quality, time schedule, functionality, cost and safety all need to be managed.

Continental Engineering Services have a test and validation team extremely experienced in the holistic testing of ADAS software.

We have developed and deployed many practical innovative testing solutions and methods including:

  • Ground truth (Lidar, DGPS, Offline Calibration)
  • Statistical relevance of data capture and design of test data gathering programmes
  • System testing and edge case testing
  • On site testing/debugging
  • Validation feedback to improve KPIs and analysis
  • Novel in-car data capture methods
  • Novel simulation methods using MTS
  • Remote HiL KPI testing
  • Test Strategies
  • Test Management

CES Test Consulting Services Portfolio

TopicContentExamples of use
  • Scene Catalogue
  • Data capture amounts and statistical relevance
  • Data capture methods and planning
  • Vehicle set-up for data capture
  • Test-vehicle build-up and commissioning
  • Linkage of L3 test methods to validate the top-level customer experience
  • HiL testing
  • Definition and facilitation of test resources and test infrastructure
  • Initial Setup of a test strategy
    VALIDATION AND VERIFICATION SUPPORTValidation support to improve KPIs including:
  • Test script design
  • Test execution according to specification, conducting FOTs
  • Statistical feedback
  • Debugging and root cause analysis
  • Release Recommendation
  • Near SOP algorithm tuning
  • Quick ramp up to support high escalation topics
  • Failure analysis and improvement support
  • Critical delivery algo performance issues


    Breadth Analysis: Review KPI Requirements to formulate Scene Catalogue

    • Good answers come from good questions. 

    Depth Analysis: Derive statistically robust and meaningful data volumes

    • How do we know how much data to test with to be confident that our results are indicative of its true performance?
    • Driving for miles to test algorithms ≠ testing with clips containing a phenomenon to evaluate a KPI.
    • We can calculate the data set required to corroborate a KPI figure within a certain bound with a specified level of confidence (i.e. We need to gather W scenes to be X% confident that our Test gives a KPI figure of Y% to within Z%). 

    Design Data Gathering programs which incrementally inform of how KPI confidence increases throughout the life of the project

    • How do we know how much data to test with to be confident that our results are indicative of its true performance?

    We can provide practical, high quality, statistically meaningful and cost-effective data gathering programs for your ADAS Testing needs.

    We have provided calculation support and helped in customer discussions to agree data capture amounts and plans EARLY to avoid issues later.

    Example projects

    • Pedestrian detection
    • Single camera calibration
    • Trailer Sensing Function

    Your benefits

    • Access to the Testing experience lived in Continental; we are able to share our validated experience of “do and don’t” with you
    • Our high qualified consultants are test engineers, we work eye-on-eye with the customer
    • Access to first-in-line know-how for testing of the latest Continental products and systems
    • Access to first-in-line know-how for upcoming regulations and standards for automotive and commercial vehicles industries
    • Access to know-how from expert engineers in Calibration and Ground Truth
    • Identify gaps in testing prior to the project starting
    • Streamline data capture and testing to reduce cost

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