Samples & Mechanical Solutions 

Imagine, you could build anything: In the CES product solutions business center “Samples & Mechanical Solutions”, we make this possible. For more than 40 years, we follow a very simple philosophy: We find solutions for our customers!

Show the world your brilliant idea for any complex product by adopting our services ​at CES Product Solutions. Our self-contained Samples & Mechanical Solutions are tailor-made to address all challenges on the way to realizing your product ideas, giving you complete freedom to push the limits of creativity and feasibility.

Demand-oriented solutions, ranging from mechanical parts for samples and series to complete products, are managed and brought about by our experienced and qualified experts to ensure the highest precision.

Building a new product is not a stand-alone project. It must be performed seamlessly in line with the customer’s plan for product scale-up and industrialization. Our Samples & Mechanical Solutions provide exactly the technology and know-how customers need for a proactive forecast with foresight, quality assurance, and flexible control over technology and production across the value chain.

Our technology pool has evolved continuously over time. This entails a meaningful combination of conventional and ultra-modern production technologies, namely CNC and additive manufacturing. ​The goal is to uphold our commitment to best-in-class customized solutions and to continuously optimize processes for greater production efficiency and higher cost-effective output.

Overview Services & Technologies

Production Projects: Production planning, process control, material, and technology optimization, quality management, and production floor integration are the foundation for any efficient production. With many years of experience in professional project management together with a diverse pool of in-house technologies and extensive partnership networks with different industry leaders and prestigious institutions, we always provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions for production regardless of industry background.

Molding & Forming: At high speed and with unprecedented precision, injection molding technology serves as a versatile means of forming thermoplastic and thermoset materials into molded parts with complex shapes. Our molding applications are wide and varied, ranging from large automotive parts to tiny gears, from samples to series. Outsert molding stands out as a significantly effective technique for mechatronic parts, which is also under our core molding portfolio. As our technology park continues to grow, the ultimate fusion between molding and another technology, namely 3D printing, can bring to life those parts whose complex shapes would be “impossible” to mold by conventional methods.

Milling Technologies: Every application has its own specific challenges. At our Competence Center, all individual milling requirements are fulfilled with perfect solutions. The crossover of our technologies goes beyond mere combination. It creates new growth opportunities by blending incremental advantages from several kinds of milling machines to create a product. Our cutting-edge CNC technology offers complete flexibility in design and material. The multi-tasking CNC machines, which typically consist of 3 to 5-axis machining centers, ensure the highest degree of precision. CNC milling technology is employed in all areas requiring high levels of surface quality: from the smallest punch inserts via gear wheels to workpieces up to hundreds millimeter in size. As a push to the next level, our CNC machines also allow perfect milling results on almost all materials such as plastic and metals.

Connection Technologies: The large range of gluing and welding technologies we possess, allows us to offer a wide variety of products and solutions for any application. Our team’s extensive know-how means that our customers receive professional advice during technology selection from the pool of ultrasonic welding, resistance welding, and laser welding (pulse and continuous wave). Especially in combination with additive manufacturing, we round off the connection package with 3D laser welding and polishing.

Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADaM): Our ADaM is not just another ordinary printing service. We have pooled our extensive expertise and experience in order to offer the best solutions covering the entire lifecycle: from concept development, additive design, through start-up and ramp-up to validation and testing. One thing is certain: if required, each and every task carried out by ADaM can perfectly comply with automotive quality standards. With our ultra-modern technology park, we have realized a wide variety of product ideas in plastic and metal by adopting Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Digital Light Processing (DLP), and Vacuum Casting and Selective Laser Melting (SLM). These diverse set of technologies also paves the way to highly optimal development and production process.

„Bring us your product ideas and we will bring them to life!“

Special Solutions

Measurement Laboratory: The question of whether a product, especially a newborn workpiece, meets a specific set of standards in the related field, is surprisingly difficult to answer. That is where Measurement Laboratory comes in.
Measurement Laboratory aims at assuring the highest quality of all outputs by empowering customers with useful information about their product performance. Our fully-equipped laboratory is dedicated to both internal performance reports and best practice guide services. Based on the nature of a project, we use either optical or tactile measurement principles. With an accuracy of up to < 1µm, we ensure the highest quality of our products.​

3D Laser Welding and Polishing: “Welding on the fly” – our full package of speed and accuracy of a scanner system and an intricate arm robot, is a game-changing boost to the productivity of remote welding procedure. The challenge in sustaining production rate and precision in producing 3D-welded structures is perfectly addressed. State-of-the-art systems allow us to run pulse- and continuous-wave laser welding up to 10 axes simultaneously. With this method, every single customer´s inquiry can be processed in a much-higher-speed manner whether in trial or small series welding. Aside from speed, a super high accuracy rate is no longer far-fetched. This can be realized thanks to image processing, which provides robust seam tracking functionality. More well-rounded is that this product solution of ours is a match between the advantages known from super-fast laser optics and the requirements of both high-speed scanning and laser polishing on complex surfaces.

Direct Contact

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We offer our customers complete (series) product solutions from a single source, including development, production, and testing. In our DNA is a can-do spirit that always welcomes a challenge.

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