Systems Engineering

Developing car ideas to real vehicles with CES Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is a transdisciplinary approach to the development and integration of highly complex systems.


At CES we call it:

Turning ideas into realizable products for our customers.


As a concept and development partner, CES Systems Engineering not only offers pure engineering services, but also training and advice right from the initial phase of vehicle development. Our focus is on the holistic vehicle system level instead of being limited to individual components or subsystems. We always define the individual result of a CES systems engineering project, e.g. for a highly developed vehicle, as a combination of components and systems that work together in harmony. This not only enables numerous functions, but also creates synergies to equip the user with additional useful and desired properties.

Our Customers

Vehicle Manufacturer

Service Provider

Component Supplier

Continental Group

Our Portfolio


Product Development Process

  • Automotive SPICE®
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
  • Norm IATF 16949

Agile Development

  • SAFE


Functional Safety

  • Functional Safety Awareness Training
  • Functional Safety Basic Training
  • Functional Safety Advanced Training (customize)



  • Stakeholder needs, use cases and system context definitions (Operational Concept)
  • Functional, logical and technical E/E-Architecture models
  • Trade studies preparation
  • System elements (Components) requirements definition

Functional Safety Management

  • Safety management & process 
  • Hazard analysis
  • Safety concept
  • System design FEMA


  • Security management & process 
  • Thread analysis & risk assessment
  • Security Goals
  • Safety concept & requirements

Direct Contact

Henning Schweder
Tel: +49 151 74 61 66 21

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Our specialists develop the appropriate technical E/E architecture based on your functional (logical) vehicle description. We ensure that this E/E architecture meets the desired standards.

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Driveline Performance Simulation

We offer a wide range of simulation services for driveline solutions always with the aim for efficiency, performance and innovation, allowing at the same time a reduction on development time and costs. This includes simulations on component, system and vehicle level.

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Research & Development Process Consulting

R&D Process Consulting plays an important role in the Research & Development area, when quality assurance, time schedule, interdisciplinary product development as well as costs need to be managed at the same time.

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Security & Privacy

Vehicles are connected with the world of internet of the things (IoT), which enables to use new functions within the vehicle. However, to be usable in mobility world, the vehicle systems must face several tough challenges in security and privacy.

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Requirement Engineering

Requirements engineering deals with discovering, eliciting, developing, analyzing, verifying, validating, communicating, documenting and managing requirements. CES requirements engineers are specialists in mediating between the domains of customers, developers or suppliers to establish and maintain the requirements to be met by the system, function, software or hardware of interest.

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Autonomous Driving

The globalized world is facing a historic transformation. This applies above all to mobility. What lies before us is the beginning of a new, multi-mobile age. Mobility is already on the brink of highly automated driving. The complex requirements associated with this require special expertise and individual flexibility for each customer.

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Functional Safety (FSM)

Increasing complexity drives a the need for reliable functional safety management (FSM) in order to avoid or at least detect and mitigate malfunctions which would lead to any person being injured or killed.

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