Brake System Layout and Brake Component Recommendation

In the context of vehicle development, the definition of the braking system plays a central role as it is relevant to safety.

We can design the braking system of your vehicle in accordance with the applicable legal requirements (ECE R13H, FMVSS, etc.) and your own requirements taking into consideration the brake force and pressure distribution and calculations for the thermal behavior, or the slope holding power of the parking brake.

Based on these results, we will suggest suitable components for the area of wheel brakes and brake actuation in the next engineering phase if you desire. In addition to the technical data, we also provide the corresponding CAD data if required or take over installation space studies for you in your vehicle environment, including any necessary adaptation designs.

We would also be happy to check the braking system you have already defined for its performance, compliance with legal requirements, or thermal load.

We rely on proven and widely validated processes and tools from Continental AG, which guarantees high-quality and efficient implementation.


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