Concept Development

Why is concept development important?

It starts with an idea, which is formulated into a concept. The concept and the development of this is the way to transform the “big idea” into a feasible product or service – the good ideas are improved and specified and the “not so good ideas” are checked again and discarded at an early stage to conserve resources . In concept development, we help you to check all ideas for feasibility and efficient solutions. In addition, we give you recommendations to define these ideas more precisely, which developments are possible or already exist, what the market for corresponding solutions looks like and how the effectiveness of the solution can be optimized if necessary.

Areas of expertise

Requirement Engineering

Requirements engineering deals with discovering, eliciting, developing, analyzing, verifying, validating, communicating, documenting and managing requirements. CES requirements engineers are specialists in mediating between the domains of customers, developers or suppliers to establish and maintain the requirements to be met by the system, function, software or hardware of interest.

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Vehicle Concept Development

We develop vehicle concepts for new mobility providers and major OEM; from two-wheeler up to commercial vehicles.
Based on given framework we derive suitable system concepts and comparisons as decicion base for the following development steps.
Our goal is to perfectly match the architecture and components on your expectations.

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Brake System Conception

Brake System Layout and Brake Component Recommendation In the context of vehicle development, the definition of the braking system plays a central role as it

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Our specialists develop the appropriate technical E/E architecture based on your functional (logical) vehicle description. We ensure that this E/E architecture meets the desired standards.

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