Service Portfolio

Continental Engineering Services (CES) offers a service portfolio that encompasses the entire development cycle, including all processes and products including, consulting, conception, development, test & simulation, product supply, and integration.

As a competent engineering partner, CES will meet demands, develop stable solutions, and implement those solutions as marketable products. By combining our engineering teams, with our longstanding knowledge and experience in a variety of sectors and industries, CES creates the basis for collaboration throughout the complete processes and product development cycles.

With expertise in the areas of ADAS, Brakes & Chassis Controls, Interior Electronic Functions, Driveline & Electrification, and Product Solutions, we support our customers globally. Our focus is not only on the automotive industry but also on all market areas in which our developments and high-end products, adapted to customer requirements, can be used. These include mining, powersports, logistics, marine, and rail transport.

Consulting & Support

CES offers increased expertise, versatile application know-how and access to the Continental core competencies, including development and production-specific content. Through workshops or individual support, customers can benefit from the diversity and quality of our consulting services. By undertaking development and manufacturing holistically, we understand the special importance of the interface between the two areas. This is a result of many years of engineering experience.

Software Consulting

Software development is essential for the innovation of modern vehicles and machines. Our consultants will help you to select and adapt the right software and the appropriate functionalities for your development.

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Simulation Engineering

Simulation Engineering Simulation Engineering for ADAS/AD and Vehicle Dynamics Applications​ With comprehensive experience from a multitude of automotive development projects, CES’ Business Center Virtual Testing

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Security & Privacy

Vehicles are connected with the world of internet of the things (IoT), which enables to use new functions within the vehicle. However, to be usable in mobility world, the vehicle systems must face several tough challenges in security and privacy.

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Research & Development Process Consulting

R&D Process Consulting plays an important role in the Research & Development area, when quality assurance, time schedule, interdisciplinary product development as well as costs need to be managed at the same time.

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Functional Safety (FSM)

Increasing complexity drives a the need for reliable functional safety management (FSM) in order to avoid or at least detect and mitigate malfunctions which would lead to any person being injured or killed.

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Data Services

The Data Services business center of Continental Engineering Services bundles the learnings of Continental on how to establish a data culture into an innovative service offering.

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Concept Development

Our concept development helps you to check all ideas for feasibility and efficient solutions. In addition, we give you recommendations to define these ideas more precisely, which developments are possible or already exist, what the market for corresponding solutions looks like and how the effectiveness of the solution can be optimized if necessary.

Requirement Engineering

Requirements engineering deals with discovering, eliciting, developing, analyzing, verifying, validating, communicating, documenting and managing requirements. CES requirements engineers are specialists in mediating between the domains of customers, developers or suppliers to establish and maintain the requirements to be met by the system, function, software or hardware of interest.

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Our specialists develop the appropriate technical E/E architecture based on your functional (logical) vehicle description. We ensure that this E/E architecture meets the desired standards.

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Brake System Conception

Brake System Layout and Brake Component Recommendation In the context of vehicle development, the definition of the braking system plays a central role as it

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With our long-term expertise in the areas of Software, Hardware, and Mechanical Engineering, we develop and realize concepts tailored to your needs. We optimize existing concepts, further develop systems, and adapt all components to “more than just meet” the expectations of you and your customers.

Noise-Vibration-Harshness (NVH)

Noise Vibration and Harshness With our complete vehicle expertise, comprehensive material knowledge, and advanced psycho-acoustic methods, we optimize and match all factors and components in

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Hardware Engineering

We develop customized hardware solutions for a variety of industries. Our portfolio ranges from head-up displays up to industrial controls in various sectors.

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Test & Simulations

In order to enable all necessary test scenarios of a modern development process in an efficient way, we have been staking on virtual environment tests in addition to our work in modern stationary test and test facilities and real test drives for many years.

This allows almost real conditions to be simulated as often as desired without interference with any parameter. Early verification and validation of algorithms, components and architectures minimizes, for example, the number of accidents initiated for testing purposes. It also enables thousands of virtual tests to be completed within the budget and time frame that is normally expected for real-world testing.

Virtual Vehicle Testing

CES provides solutions for virtual vehicle testing. Virtual vehicle workshop, virtual test facilities and broad experience add up to CES Virtual Testing & Simulation being your one-stop shop for virtual vehicle test.

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Perception Development Kit (PDK)

For automated driving functions, 360° sensor coverage and central data fusion becomes inevitable. We offer a modular, off-the-shelf prototype solution for your development activities. A set of different hardware and software modules fit the kit for your individual application.

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Driveline Performance Simulation

We offer a wide range of simulation services for driveline solutions always with the aim for efficiency, performance and innovation, allowing at the same time a reduction on development time and costs. This includes simulations on component, system and vehicle level.

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Manufacturing & Small Series

By representing the complete value chain, can deal with challenging projects in an efficient and flexible manner and to the highest quality level.  From simple mechanical components and highly complex control devices in small series production, we combine the talent for mechanical, electronic and production engineering from a single source, production depth accounts for up to 100%.
Our technology pool includes advanced technologies, such as additive manufacturing, based on bionic constructions, electronics manufacturing, such as SMD assembly, and classical mechanics such as bending or punching technology. We select the most suitable production technologies and have the capabiltiy to combine them if required.

Small Series

Fast, flexible and accurate solutions for small series production across all automotive sectors and other industries. With individual line concepts and manufacturing set-ups, we manufacture your products to the highest quality.

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Samples & Mechanical Solutions

Imagine, you could build anything: In the CES product solutions business center „Samples & Mechanical Solutions“, we make this possible. Since more than 40 years, we follow a very simple philosophy: We find solutions for our customers!

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We assemble demanding and complex printed circuit boards for prototypes to small series. Our portfolio includes, among other things, complete coordination and handling before, during and after PCB assembly, including component procurement.

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The application of electronics, sensor technology and software is signficantly increasing. Extending the diversity of vehicle functions, increasing the efficiency of drives and designing instrumentation or displays clearly for example to enable an efficient, safe and reliable functionality. Connected systems and components are offered within our service portfolio that encompasses E-E-architecture, vehicle integration, software integration, calibration and validation and approval. With this support our comprehensive service portfolio, can accompany you and your individual demands throughout your full product development cycles and integration of various systems.

Virtual Integration

CES provides all kinds of services and solutions around virtual integration for development and test of ADAS/AD and chassis control functions

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Vehicle Integration & Prototype Workshops

Continental Engineering Services combines Software with Hardware, Components to Systems to integrate everything into an overall vehicle concept. Our main focus is the combination of mechanical, electrical, and software requirements to realize the best functionality as well as the most efficient and powerful vehicle system.

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