Marker-less Embedded Motion Tracking System

With our experience in developing sensing and object detection systems, CES was able to transfer the technology beyond the automotive sector.

The Continental Engineering Services (CES) marker-less Motion Tracker combines experienced sensing and object detection technologies with health care and sports cases. Its key feature is the tracking of the human body without any markers, specific environments or specialized cameras. And all of that just with only using two or three standard cameras. With the extraction of 3D Coordinates of the human joints, you can use the system in various situations. For example, measuring the angles in the joints enables you to extract metrics from the data, providing a great use for diagnosis. The best part is that only a couple of minutes are required to setup the system in a new environment. The intuitive design of the user interface (UI) makes it easy to understand and use. Marker-less, adaptable, lightweight and portable, this is our Motion Tracker.

Your Benefits

  • Marker-less motion tracking of the human body
  • 3D Coordinates of the human key points with front- and sideview
  • Analysis of angles in the joints, frontal and sagittal
  • Extremely fast setup
  • Easy to use (no professional required)
  • Lightweight transportable system
  • No special studio needed

How it works

Direct Contact

Daniel Jaedicke
Business Development – Interior Electronic Functions

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