Driver Monitoring Development Kit

Our Driver Monitoring System (DMS) provides state-of-the-art technology for reliable detection of drowsiness and distraction of the driver.

With our DMS development kit we grant both OEMs and third parties access to this powerful technology and enable you to experience and validate it’s possibilities in your own environment. Additional capabilities include face recognition, age and gender estimation.

Delivery scope of our DMS Development Kit

  • Interior Camera with a tripod
    • 1MPix Sensor
    • 56° x 37° FoV Lens
    • NIR LED Illumination
  • DMS Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
    • Renesas R-Car V3M
    • Linux and AUTOSAR OS
    • CAN vehicle interface
    • Algorithm data on CAN
  • Debugging hardware with Ethernet interface and direct access to raw video stream (optional)
  • PC hosted software for visualization (optional)

Available Features

  • Drowsiness detection
  • Attentiveness estimation
  • Face recognition
  • Eye gaze estimation
  • Center of attention estimation 
    (e.g. focus on center display interaction)
  • Head pose detection
  • Age and gender estimation


  • Embedded automotive hardware platform
  • Robust algorithm proven in series production
    • Attentiveness and Drowsiness detection
      (GSR compliance)
    • Facial recognition
    • etc.
  • Available off-the-shelf on short notice

Direct Contact

Daniel Jaedicke
Business Development – Interior Electronic Functions

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