Brake Systems

Brake Systems are one of the most relevant sub-systems in today’s cars and are responsible to fulfil a wide variety of tasks. They are exposed to heavy stress daily and need to achieve multiple requirements:

  • provide a safe, state of the art Service Brake and Parking Brake function according to legal requirements (e.g. ECE-R13H)
  • support hybrid and electric powertrain concepts and their fuel efficiency targets
  • support Level 1 and higher Driver Assistance Function (ADAS)
  • be light weight, powerful and comfortable
  • give a reliable interface to the driver or a driving robot

With years of expertise in the field of brake system technology and the opportunities deriving from our access to the entire technology portfolio of Continental, we will deliver high quality results as your brake system engineering partner of choice. Our engineers will enable you to bring your brake system into production in a smooth and efficient way.

Why Brake System Solutions from CES?

Since 2006, our customers have benefited from our capabilities to adapt successful brake system technologies based on their specific needs. Here we are making use of our access to the entire Continental technology portfolio. As one of the few engineering service providers and as a Tier 1 supplier, we act as a one-stop-shop for brake systems. By providing comprehensive and customized solutions, we allow our customers to focus on other technology development when building a car.

When our brake system engineers adapt proven automotive technologies, the focus goes beyond the brake hardware. Our experts integrate the system into all connected functions of the vehicle and ensure a seamless brake system design. In addition, we care for specific calibration and validation and support you all the way through to production.

Alongside the V-model, we further assist you in defining and documenting requirements, system descriptions as well as integration, test and homologation efforts. Finally, we will arrange validation and report your brake system performance.

Our Value Proposition

The megatrends of the mobility industries such as automated driving, electric drivetrains and other new mobility concepts have an impact on the requirements of modern braking systems. Performance, recuperation capability, increased braking comfort, weight, and a compact design are therefore becoming increasingly important.

In addition, issues such as redundancy, regenerative braking and interfaces need to be considered for an increasing number of braking functions. Electronic brake systems in particular include a number of these driver assistance functions such as ABS, traction control, ESP, Hill Start Assist, Cruise Control with brake intervention, ACC Stop & Go, Emergency Brake Assist or auto-stop function connected with parking brake. In fully automated vehicles, the so-called brake-by-wire technology is used, in which the “brake pedal” actuation device is even dispensed with.

All of this impacts the complexity of the braking system and ultimately influences the application effort for our test engineers. By combining real and virtual tests (simulation), we design the required process steps in a highly efficient manner, thereby reducing test and validation costs.

By choosing us as your brake technology partner, you will get exactly the braking system you need for your automotive project – executed as requested as high-end or standard braking system. Here we take into account the appropriate brake control system at an early stage of the concept phase and make sure that all legal requirements are fulfilled.

In addition, we assist you in coordination with homologation authorities, define when what will be done on which test tracks, prepare the car with measurement technology, and investigate wear and noise behavior.

As an agile and flexible development service provider with comprehensive vehicle expertise, we accompany you from the concept to the production maturity of your customized braking system for use in small series, niche, two-wheel and special vehicles as well as in industrial applications.

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No matter what you are looking for we are set-up to find the appropriate solution. Together with our strong experiences in system and functions aspects we guide you to the best fit – this could be a conventional system or vacuum-less One-Box system that is ready for your specific system challenges.


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