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The use of technology in a racing environment pushes materials to their absolute physical limits. To achieve peak-performance, profound experience and knowledge of highly specialized techniques are required.

The development of racing systems represents a balance between technical needs, adaptation to highly dynamic situations, deep understanding of the safety, and economic factors. In the Motorsport environment, we are specialists in power-train and vehicle engineering enterprise dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our clients with innovative engineering solutions. From the genesis of our racing capabilities, which originated in engine-management control systems, our focus has expanded to cover the Electric and hybrid-vehicle sector, Racing Engines, and Racecar design and development. We have demonstrated our capabilities with a proven track record in solving complex engineering challenges for Motorsport projects. Our success can be attributed to our highly skilled and committed workforce, its comprehensive in-house test and development facilities, and our state-of-art design and manufacturing facilities.

We pride our self in being one of the best automotive and Motorsport engineering consultancies, differentiating ourself from the competition by focusing on the following key areas:

  • We go beyond “meeting customer specifications” to deliver comprehensive and exceptional resolutions to complex engineering challenges.
  • We consider the whole life-cycle and engineering context to reveal associated opportunities for adding value.
  • We are working sensitively and harmoniously with the client’s departments and workforce to ensure the optimum integration of our work into the product and client organization.
  • We keep project teams small and flexible so that overhead is minimized, communications optimized, and maximum focus remains on our client’s priorities.

Services & Products

Engineering Services

  • System Design and Development Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Lab Car/ HIL Test Bench Service
  • Track Support


  • Motors
  • Inverters
  • Batteries and BMS
  • Electric Drivetrain Systems (EDS)
  • Energy Recovery Systems (ERS)
  • Electric Gearshift Systems (EGS)
  • Electrical Clutch Actuators (ECA)
  • DCDC Converters
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS)
  • LV and HV Wiring / Harnesses
  • Test equipment

System Design & Development Engineering

  • CES can provide complete engineering services, from assistance with the requirements, through design, manufacture, and testing.
  • In-house manufacturing and testing capability deliver rapid turn around, enabling tight motorsport deadlines to be achieved.
  • Software and control strategy can be fully customized based on customer requirements. All software is thoroughly tested in-house before release.

Thermal Development Engineering for CES products

ERS Inverter Installation change mechanical effect analysis

CES also provides engineering support to develop existing products to deliver suitable solutions for new applications. Products can be customized to meet new performance requests and revised dimensional constraints on a target racing vehicle.

System Integration

  • Over 30 years of experience in the development and application of Motorsport Electronics
  • Design of complex system integration:
    • Control Unit Selection.
    • Sensor Selection.
    • Communication Architectures.
    • Wiring Harness Layout and Design.
  • Integration test design and implementation- HIL

Lab Car / HIL Test Bench Service

  • Customized Lab car and Hardware In the Loop (HIL) units can be designed and built to support customer software development and system integration activities.
  • CES’s control and systems engineers can generate test programs based on customer requirements and to optimize the system performance and to develop customer software. 
  • Bench hardware can also be supplied for in-house customer development. 

Track Support

  • CES engineers are available for track support at test/race events, maximizing the performance and reliability of sophisticated electronics and powertrain systems.
  • System integration support on customer vehicles is also available and can be supported by both engineers and technicians.

Wiring Harness Layout, Design and Build

  • Experienced wiring technicians can supply high-quality wiring harness with any connector make or configuration (e.g., Autosport, Souriau, LEMO, Staubli) for motorsport:
    • Engine looms
    • Chassis looms
    • Dyno installations
    • Test bench looms
    • Steering wheels and switch panels
    • Pit setup wiring 
  • High Voltage looms are a specialty and can incorporate power distribution and control elements
  • In-house capability for both LV and HV harness testing
  • Capable of 2D and 3D CAD design and drawings for harness and test equipment
  • Ability to provide quick turnaround services including direct customer support
  • Unique and bespoke motorsport harnessing and equipment
  • Up to Date with new Connectors / Sleeving / Heat-shrink boot (System 25)
  • Contra helically winding and service loops. Software for leg twist layouts
  • Cirris high voltage tester for the generation of end of line testing & service test reports

High Voltage Wiring Harness Layout, Design and Build

  • Design and manufacture of high voltage cable assemblies for use in passenger vehicles, motorsport hybrid, and electric vehicles
  • One-off products through to small series production
  • Ability to provide a quick turnaround service including direct customer support
  • All products manufactured using manufacture tooling
  • Test capability including crimp integrity, isolation, insulation, plus fit & function services
  • Capable of 2D and 3D CAD design and drawings
  • Build to print service available

Customized Test Equipment

Connector and loom testing breakout boxes can be supplied to suit any connector make or configuration (e.g., Autosport, Souriau, LEMO, Tyco, etc.)

Direct Contact

Neil Cheeseman
Tel: +44 1543 479 434
Email: neil.cheeseman­

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