Domains & Markets

Continental Engineering Services’ approach is to present our expertise and developments in all vehicle domains and neighboring industries. We use proven-in-use automotive technology and adapt it accordingly or develop and integrate completely new solutions for diverse customer requirements.


Our solutions for the Automotive Market How can competition differentiation be achieved in automotive development? New vehicle generations often differ among themselves through topics such

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Powersports Solutions The market area of fun mobility and motorsport faces a considerable transformation process from the pure fun factor to a mixture of innovative

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Production Mobility

Production mobility is a key factor for an efficient production environment. With technologies from the automotive industry, we offer systems to improve application areas, efficiency and to ensure operational safety as well as to protecting personnel and materials.

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Solutions for the Railway Industry During the last years, the railway industry has become a platform for innovative people and goods transportation. Automotive technology helps

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Transport Mobility

The increasing transport of people and goods in restricts areas like for example airports, harbor or logistic area leads to the wish of a more effective process with an increase in safety level at the same time. Automotive technology is the key to combine these two trends to one innovative approach.

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Vehicle Domain

Vehicle Domains A vehicle domain describes the grouping of systems and functions in a vehicle that can be assigned to individual areas. The way in

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