Smart Surface


With our technologies, we combine virtually all types of surfaces with numerous functionalities that can be adapted quickly and flexibly to the user’s needs through intuitive interaction. On demand they provide information, react to touch and proximity, illuminate the interior or ensure a comfortable indoor climate. By combining our innovative technologies and integrating them into plastic, leather, wood or even metal decoration, we are able to close the gap between function and design.


Making the surfaces smart opens several possibilities:

  • Providing functions “On demand “
  • Fewer stand-alone solutions
  • Seamless and integrative design ready for autonomous driving
  • Safely and intuitively operable, adaptive HMI
  • Energy-efficient heating – especially for electric vehicles



Display and control elements change to visible (and back) if required.

New possibilities for diffuse status and warning information as well as ambient lighting.


Protrusion or retraction of single control elements on demand.

Enabling the balancing between homogeneous surface and perceptible, haptic finger guidance – as with conventional mechanical buttons.


Touch and proximity recognition makes every surface an input device.

Safe operability due to holistic haptic feedback.

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