Power Line Communication

The Continental Power Line Communication controller provides a modern and smart PLC to CAN gateway to the car and its passengers. It is the communication interface between the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the Electric Vehicle Control Module (VCU) managing the vehicle charging functions.


  • Compliance to ISO 15118, DIN 70121 and IEC 61851
  • AC/DC fast charging communication​
  • Plug and Charge (PnC)​
  • Bidirectional Power Transfer (BPT)
  • Smart Charging
  • Communication over CP signal
  • CHAdeMO charging
  • Self-Test, Reprogramming and Diagnostic services via UDS
  • Over-the-Air update (FOTA)


  • Modular Design allows for easy individualization and integration of 3rd party applicative software
  • AUTOSAR architecture
  • Cyber security concept protecting agains external threats and including secure reprogramming using a dedicated HSM core
  • Up to ASIL D Charge System Performance
  • Proven in series application – Reduced time to market


  • Provide operating system and hardware abstraction software in AUTOSAR environment
  • Provide Continental application software, Adapt functional to OEM specificities
  • Support System Integration and System Test
  • Support prototyping, qualification
  • Industrial encapsulation and production launch
  • Design and Produce serial parts

PLC controller IP42

  • AC/DC smart charging ​
  • Bidirectional Power Transfer (BPT)
  • Plug and Charge (PnC)​
  • Safety ASIL B (D)​
  • FOTA Update
  • PLC Interface (QCA7005)
  • CAN Interface
  • IP 42 plastic housing
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 120mm x 27mm
  • Weight: 110g

PLC controller IP6k9k

  • AC/DC smart charging ​
  • Bidirectional Power Transfer (BPT)
  • Plug and Charge (PnC)​
  • Safety ASIL B (D)​
  • PLC Interface (QCA7005)
  • CAN Interface
  • Waterproof IP 6K9K housing
  • Dimensions: 122mm x 203mm x 36mm
  • Weight: 425g

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