Display Solutions

The demand for new, more user-friendly displays, that help reduce the complexity of information, is rising because of the increasing traffic congestion and information density. Displays and indicators in the instrument panel are the solution for the occurring issue. The desired indicator content, such as the navigation system, radio, phone and apps can easily be handled by the driver and therefore less distracting during driving is ensured.


  • Large portfolio of LCD and OLED display panels in various sizes for best cost-benefit ratio
  • Customized display developments including free-form displays for maximum design freedom
  • Optical bonding
  • Support of local dimming for increased contrast and brilliant colors
  • Combination with Touch and Haptic Feedback or proximity sensing
  • Seamless integration of driver monitoring camera
  • Unique HMI concept for presentation of diverse vehicle functions
  • Multidisplay color matching
  • Switchable privacy
  • Narrow border design
  • Supports up to ASIL-B

Available Technologies

Ultra thin display

  • Ultra thin free-shape display
  • Optical bonding
  • Black panel

Curved display


Our curved plastic lense technology allows new possibilities and flexibility in the cockpit design.

  • Seamless integration of displays
  • Homogenous black panel
  • Superior optical bonding and system integration
  • Touch with active haptic feedback


Other than LCD/TFT displays, pixels of AMOLED displays emit light themselves. Since black pixels do not emit any light, they are really black (“Active Black Panel”). Therefore, AMOLED displays obtain a very high contrast and allow for a seamless transition between display surface and its surrounding. Display content gets the appearance of floating in black space.

Natural 3D display


Continental has invented a new 3D display with innovative Lightfield technology from Silicon Valley Startup Leia. This solution offers a real 3D experience without the need for further components like head tracking and therefore saves space, effort and cost while significantly enhancing the user experience.

  • Real 3D perception of information
  • Accelerates the perception of content and information
  • 3D enables user experience (UX) much more closer to real world
  • No head tracking system or special glasses needed
  • 3D content equally visible to driver and passenger

Pillar to pillar displays

Display size becomes an important unique selling point for car brands and models.

The trend towards larger displays results in the integration of display surface from one A-pillar to another, providing space for a growing number of functions, services and infotainment applications.

Pillar to pillar display

Integrated driver monitoring camera

The miniaturization of the interior camera enables completely new positioning options, such as the integration directly into the display.

Shytech – invisible companion

The Continental Shytech technoloy combines puristic design with new functions. When inactive the user experiences a clean surface such as wood, carbon or leather optics. Displays behind this surface allow functions to appear locally and upon demand. This helps realize a clean HMI showing information and functions only when relevant to driver or passenger.


Round display

  • Free-form display (round shape)
  • Integrated in Rotary knob push button
  • Ideal for climate or accessory control

Design shape options

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