Camera Sensors

Lane detection, sign and traffic-light-recognition and unmatched strengths in object classification make cameras technologies a key element of environment perception. Image processing algorithms based on artificial intelligence such as neural networks highly outperform the human eye, enabling more and more fully automated driving’s tasks.  

Multi functional front cameras

Continental’s latest camera generation is a crucial part of our modular, scalable and interlinked ADAS systems. It provides solutions primarily designed to host L2+ and advanced safety features (e.g. NCAP 2023). It combines excellent night vision, high image resolution and wide field of view, enabling cross-traffic objects (vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians etc.) to be detected even earlier. In addition, it includes leading-edge technologies such as machine learning and neural networks to come to a real scene understanding.

  • Field of view: 110°h, 47°v
  • Resolution: 1,7 Megapixels – 1820 x 940

Surround- and rear view cameras

Continental offers a range of satellite cameras made for centralized architectures that can serve various use-cases. RVS and SVC platform product address short range applications : Low Speed Maneuvering Assistance, Transparent-Hood, surround view including rear-looking features .

Those products comes from automotive applications and can even be diversified to multiple non-automotive use cases.

  • Field of View : 195°h / 150°v
  • Resolution: 1,7 Mpixels – 2,5 Mpixels

Front satellite cameras

Continental has developed these scalable long-range camera platform in order to answer the nowadays new and future autonomous mobility trends. Continental offers a range of high-resolution satellite cameras compatible for L2, L3 and L4 ADAS solutions with a “Camera Belt” system approach.

  • Scalable horizontal Field of View: 30° / 70° / 120°
  • Resolution: 8,3 Mpixels (3840 x 2160)

Camera belt system

To achieve challenges of new autonomous mobility trends we propose solutions based on centralized architecture. The diversity and wholeness of our robust satellites cameras portfolio  allow to serve variety of perception scenarios for automotive and other industries applications.

Driver monitoring system

Targeting the vision Zero, Continental is proposing driver and passenger monitoring thanks to IR camera. Functions are already developed like skeleton detection or driver sleepiness detection.

Cabin Sensing

In Interior Sensing solutions we use a variety of sensors including camera and radar technologies to capture and evaluate the driver, passengers, and other objects.

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Driver Monitoring System Development Kit

Our Driver Monitoring System (DMS) provides state-of-the-art technology for reliable detection of drowsiness and distraction of the driver. Additional capabilities include face recognition, age and gender estimation.

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ADAS Cruising Functions

In addition to the enormous contribution of ADAS technology to road-safety, cruising functions increase driver and passenger comfort and are a real value-add for the end-customer.

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